Stocking, restocking, and product displaying—an all-in-one merchandising service personalized for you.

Right Place + Right Time = Rapid Product Movement

Products sitting in your storeroom for extended periods of time because you don’t have the time or the staff to move products out to the sales floor?

No time for you or your staff to figure out how to place products to maximize sales?

Hesitant to invest time or money into testing new merchandising programs?

Better merchandising from a better partner

Product placement can make or break your business. The best product in the world won’t move from the shelf to the shopping cart unless it’s positioned in the right place at the right time. So you have to put in extra hours—or pay staff overtime—to position your products as soon as possible after delivery.

Or do you?

Find problem solvers at Karpata

We get how important it is to position your products, so they’ll move off your shelves almost as fast as we can stock them.

Along with new product and visual concepts launches, product cut-ins, planogram compliance and maintenance, we are experts in stock replenishment and rotation. We’re there quick locally, or use our national team, powered by our national force of 12,000+ merchandisers serving 76,000+ stores per week to get your products in that right place.

The Proof is Truly in the Doing

Change happens and we are change-makers in an industry that relies on change.

We completed seasonal section resets for a manufacturer and distributor of personal expression products and set up replenishment continuity service on-going in 163 stores in a very short time window. In addition to this, we integrated the client’s in-house merchandising staff into our team.

Our partnership is win/win for both a company that needed a solution for their product and their staff. They are seeing an uptick in sales despite current changes in shopping habits. We’re happy to have provided team members a new work home during this time of the pandemic.

What’s in it for you?

Here’s what you’ll get when you convert to Karpata/ TNG merchandising:

  • Dedication: Our merchandisers are W2 employees (not independent contractors).
  • Experience: We service 76,000 mass grocery, drugstore, and discount retailers across the country.
  • Frequency: Our merchandisers execute more than 3.9 million store assignments per year.
  • Commitment: We offer 24/7/365 service.
  • Proximity: We provide local full-time management.

Kroger knows. After converting to our merchandising, Kroger saw signage compliance increase from 72 percent to more than 95 percent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to launch a merchandising project?

Your merchandising project will begin within two weeks after you have submitted all of the information we need, such as lists, final surveys, and instructions.

What type of technology does Karpata/ TNG use?

We have invested millions of dollars in ESP mobile platform field technology, dashboard reporting, and picture capabilities. And we constantly update our field staff’s technology to improve real-time data access and mobility compliance.

Does TNG offer sub-hour rates?

Yes, we offer sub-hour rates for syndicated visits and specifically approved dedicated visits.

How Can We Help Move Your Business Forward?

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